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[audio]B.G. Willers Podcast
Yet another lame podcast
Keywords: vectrex
Downloads: 32
[software]Vectrex Software Archive: GoodVect 1.06 Collection
Collection of Vectrex Software, possibly complete, released for the General Computer Vectrex home system (released by Milton Bradley). Listing of software included, in TOSEC format: 'NO' Sound by Chris Salomon (1998) (PD) 0ldsk00l Demo by Manu (2002) (PD) 3-D Crazy Coaster (1983) [b1] 3-D Crazy Coaster (1983) [b2] 3-D Crazy Coaster (1983) 3-D Demo by Chris (Mar 06) (2000) (PD) 3-D Demo by Chris (Mar 08) (2000) (PD) 3-D Mine Storm (1983) [b1] 3-D Mine Storm (1983) 3-D Narrow Escape (1983) [b1] 3-...
Keywords: Vectrex; Software; Cartridges; Public Domain
Downloads: 596
Alex Kazik's MuCaRex multicart for the Vectrex
Keywords: Alex Kazik; MuCaRex; multicart; Vectrex; 2014
[unknown]Wiki - Vectrex Wiki
Vectrex Wiki dumped with WikiTeam tools.
Keywords: wiki; wikiteam; MediaWiki; Vectrex Wiki; vectrexmuseumcom_wiki; unknowncopyright
Downloads: 1
[audio]Guys Games and Beer Episode 98: Everything and a Bag of Chips - Guys Games and Beer
Usually after an exceptional episode such as 97 Guys Games and Beer likes to send you a giant steaming pile of excrement for the next installment... Consider it a test of the voracity of your listening dedication. Not this week however, We have everything for you this week.. EVERYTHING! Want guest stars? How about Ben Heck who walks in for a beer and ends up getting dragged into some G2B madness. Love life a little slow? We have an extra geeky engagement for your listening pleasure! Now that wou...
Keywords: Midwest Gaming Classic; mgc; podcast; classic gaming; forrest; help wanted; ben heck; hacking; hack; extra life; charity; geek; atari; vectrex; flappy bird; vectrex; sega; neogeo
Downloads: 72
[texts]Handheld Game Manual: Display (Vectrex)

Keywords: vectrex; truss; head; top; wing; wire; attach; stabilizer; cartridge; figure; control panel; cartridge retainer; truss head; wing nut; head machine; vectrex arcade; wing nuts; round head
Downloads: 41
[audio]Jim and PacBilly's Opinions on Things - Episode 6 - Jim and PacBilly
In this episode of our meandering discussion podcast we are joined by the brilliant Nice and Games. You may know him from his youtube channel where he does hilarious game reviews.
Keywords: podcast; discussion; nice and games; jimplaysgames; pacbilly; yogurt; yogurt vlog; video games; astrocade; vectrex
Downloads: 132
[texts]arcade express v1n25
arcade express v1n25
Keywords: arcade; software; atari; computer; vectrex; cartridge; game; games; shamus; express; arcade express; sir clive; contact kengore; light pen
Downloads: 16
[texts]arcade express v1n20
arcade express v1n20
Keywords: atari; arcade; game; colecovision; coleco; cartridge; vectrex; gamer; videogame; express; data age; colecovision coleco; arcade express; video tape; north american
Downloads: 14
[audio]The Sound of Nature - Various Artists
Compilation on Cold Tear Records
Keywords: sound; of; nature; dub; ambient; quantec; zzzzra; octex; techno; sen; optic_; Ocralab; vectrex; giriu; dvasios; lucid; trail; VidasM; Grad_u
Downloads: 3,263
[collection]Guys Games and Beer
Guys Games and Beer is a gaming podcast made up of folks from middle school on up to middle age. We talk about what games we are playing, news, and whatever comes up. Yep, we drink beer too (except those under 21, they drink root beer). There are also interviews with indie game designers of both board and video games.G2B is non-denominational. We talk about everything from PC , Amiga, Linux and Mac gaming to the PS4 and Xbox One...
Keywords: video games; board games; arcade; classic gaming; comedy; improv; vintage; atari; sega; dreamcast; vectrex; xbox one; playstation 4; 3ds; midwest gaming classic; bfig; indie gaming
Downloads: 36
[audio]Guys Games and Beer Episode 90: Closing Time at the Shufflepuck Cantina - Guys Games and Beer
Join the Gutter Geeks on their virtual visit to the Shufflepuck Cantina as they discuss 3d virtualization products past, present and future. G2B goes hands on with 3D devices from the Vectrex to the Oculus Rift, all while downing some ice cold beer. Really? want more? G2B slices, dices and Juliennes their way through what they have been playing while Rob demonstrates his mad shufflepuck skills. Throw on a wooly sweater, sit down by the fire with your favorite lager and pop those earbuds in for a...
Keywords: Vectrex; atari; virtual reality; vr; shufflepuck cafe; shufflepuck cantina; oculus rift; beer; milton bradley; mech; let's play; ipad; ipod; windows; mac; linux
Downloads: 31
[audio]Guys Games and Beer Episode 101: 101 Castrations - Guys Games and Beer
What do a 101 neuterings have to do with this episode of Guys Games and Beer? Umm well you see. OK fine. They just wanted a cute spotted logo for episode 101 and couldn’t think of anything else that rhymed with “Dalmatians”. What? there are over 100 words that rhyme with it?.. Ummm well….. Anyway join the Gutter Geeks as they talk all things classic gaming with Mike Kennedy from Retro magazine...
Keywords: retro; retro magazine; game gavel; podcast; atari; commodore; retro gamer; nintendo; classic gaming; midwest gaming classic; paypal; ebay; game pickups; show and tell; dreamcast; gamestop; arcade; game show; atari classics; vectrex; gaming goodies; ign; dolphins
Downloads: 52
[audio]Guys Games and Beer Ep. 102: Back to the Dungeon - Guys Games and Beer
The Gutter Geeks visit with Liz from Lone Wolf Development about their powerful campaign management system Realmworks for GM's of Pencil and Paper RPG's, that come to find out aren't so pencil and paper anymore. Oh yeah. Larry shares the Vectrex goodies he picked up and everyone expresses their condolences to Tom for his very personal (yet shared) health problem. Plug in your headphones and strap yourself into your lounge chairs: G2B Episode 102 is ready for take-off!  And....
Keywords: dungeons and dragons; board game; video game; vectrex; realmworks; games; guys; beer; hero lab; army builder; card vault; rig; pen and paper; game master; gm; dm; dungeon master; dungeon tools; gm tool; guys games and beer; podcast
Downloads: 52
[texts]Digital Press - Issue 23 (1995-01)(Santulli, Joe)(US)
Digital Press - Issue 23 (1995-01)(Santulli, Joe)(US)
Keywords: atari; game; games; starsoft; video; activision; sega; cartridge; intellivision; vectrex; starsoft games; digital press; kevin oleniacz; dark tower; video game; atari video; van damme; star wars; salu games; las vegas
Downloads: 33

Keywords: colibri necrophile; symbol of subversion; sos; anti; parti; politique; people; experimental; vectrex; electro; industrial; argent; roi; etat; totalitaire; subir; dictature; choisir; democratie; weird; clip; liberté; video; volte; la zone du dehors; activisme; riot; french; francais; français; fre
Downloads: 244
[texts]Digital Press - Special Edition - Fall 1992 (1992)(Santulli, Joe)(US)
Digital Press - Special Edition - Fall 1992 (1992)(Santulli, Joe)(US)
Keywords: atari; digital; games; game; vectrex; supergrafx; graphics; video; edition; super; digital press; special fall; press special; milton bradley; super nintendo; russ perry; road rash; joe santulli; video review; super soccer
Downloads: 29
[texts]Digital Press - Issue 16 (1994-01)(Santulli, Joe)(US)
Digital Press - Issue 16 (1994-01)(Santulli, Joe)(US)
Keywords: game; games; atari; fighting; genesis; graphics; vectrex; snes; sega; fighter; fighting game; street fighter; eternal champions; joe santulli; digital press; snes version; jess ragan; switch contact; fighting games; skill levels
Downloads: 57
[texts]Digital Press - Issue 36 (1998-03)(Santulli, Joe)(US)
Digital Press - Issue 36 (1998-03)(Santulli, Joe)(US)
Keywords: game; games; clco; gameplay; gaming; digital; santulli; joe; vectrex; digital press; joe santulli; final fantasy; video game; variable skill; time decent; star fortress; sports game; skill levels; resident evil
Downloads: 32
[texts]TV Gamer (1983-06)(Boytonbrook)(GB)
TV Gamer (1983-06)(Boytonbrook)(GB)
Keywords: game; atari; games; variations; electronics; mattel; shoot; arcade; vcs; vectrex; mattel electronics; video games; cbs electronics; arcade game; video game; software reviews; variations sci; single game; variations sport; variations skill
Downloads: 54
[texts]300 Baud Magazine Issue #1
300 Baud Magazine Issue #1
Keywords: linintosh; solder; teletype; server; vectrex; disk; tape; mac; figure; soldering; paper tape; linintosh server; virtual machine; network access; punched paper; jupiter ace; access disk; western union; tue jun; milton bradley
Downloads: 57
[texts]Digital Press - Issue 30 (1996-05)(Santulli, Joe)(US)
Digital Press - Issue 30 (1996-05)(Santulli, Joe)(US)
Keywords: games; game; atari; arcade; sega; vectrex; video; intellivision; favorite; video game; wild ride; sell sheet; game boy; vector vaders; joe santulli; digital press; tony bueno; sega master; rca studio
Downloads: 33
[unknown]Usenet groups within rec.games from giganews.com
Usenet newsgroups within "rec.games", contributed courtesy of giganews.com. These captures omit most binary posts.
Keywords: rec.games.computer.xpilot; rec.games.miniatures.warhammer.fantasy; rec.games.video.intellivision; rec.games.mud.announce; rec.games.mud.admin; rec.games.video.cd-i; rec.games.roguelike.rogue; rec.games.int-fiction; rec.games.trading-cards.marketplace.trades; rec.games.frp.super-heroes; rec.games.ibm.pc; rec.games.computer.stars; rec.games.trading-cards.marketplace.misc; rec.games.computer.ultima.series; rec.games.trading-cards; rec.games.video.advocacy; rec.games.computer.quake.quake-c; rec.games.video.misc; rec.games.trading-cards.magic.sales; rec.games.chess.computer; rec.games.computer.puzzle; rec.games.board; rec.games.computer.doom.fascists; rec.games.frp.trading-cards.misc; rec.games.video.arcade.collecting; rec.games.frp.advocacy; rec.games.video.sony; rec.games.diplomacy; rec.games.chess.misc; rec.games.trading-cards.marketplace.magic.sales; rec.games.frp.announce; rec.games.roguelike.misc; rec.games.vectrex; rec.games.muds.moo; rec.games.computer.quake.editing; rec.games.trading-cards.marketplace.magic; rec.games.video.marketplace; rec.games.trading-cards.magic.misc; rec.games.russian-roullette; rec.games.roguelike.angband; rec.games.frp.live-action; rec.games.video.arcade.marketplace; rec.games.miniatures.warhammer; rec.games.video.classic; rec.games.chess.politics; rec.games.trading-cards.marketplace.magic.auctions; rec.games.roguelike.adom; rec.games.computer.quake.playing; rec.games.playing-cards; rec.games.programming; rec.games.computer.doom.editing; rec.games.puzzles; rec.games.trading-cards.announce; rec.games.video.arcade; rec.games.mahjong; rec.games.computer.doom.help; rec.games.mud.bogleg; rec.games.trading-cards.marketplace; rec.games.design; rec.games.mame; rec.games.computer.everquest; rec.games.roguelike.announce; rec.games.board.ce; rec.games.board.marketplace; rec.games.roguelike; rec.games.video.microsoft.xbox360; rec.games.video.atari; rec.games.computer.quake; rec.games.cyber; rec.games.computer.doom; rec.games.xtank.programmer; rec.games.abstract; rec.games.empire; rec.games.mud.diku; rec.games.miniatures.warhammer.40k; rec.games.mud; rec.games.mud.misc; rec.games.deckmaster.marketplace; rec.games.computer.ultima.misc; rec.games.trading-cards.magic.strategy; rec.games.computer.ultima-dragons; rec.games.computer.ultima-online; rec.games.miniatures.historical; rec.games.deckmaster; rec.games.video.sony.playstation3; rec.games.rogue; rec.games.pbm; rec.games.bolo; rec.games.video.sega; rec.games.mud.bogleg.eotl; rec.games.minatures.historical; rec.games.trading-cards.marketplace.magic.au; rec.games.computer.ultima.o; rec.games.storyteller; rec.games.mud.wine.bitch.moan; rec.games.roguelike.moria; rec.games.frp.storyteller; rec.games.xtank.play; rec.games.corewar; rec.games.video.nin; rec.games.doom; rec.games.video.nintendo.n64; rec.games.trading-cards.magic.rules; rec.games.mud.bogleg.eotl.bume; rec.games.trading-cards.jyhad; rec.games.trading-cards.magic; rec.games.computer.doom.announce; rec.games.mud.lp; rec.games.roguelike.nethack; rec.games.bridge.okbridge; rec.games.go; rec.games.computer.planetarion; rec.games.tradingcards.marketplace; rec.games.backgammon; rec.games.mud.tiny; rec.games.mecha; rec.games.computer.ultima; rec.games.frp.dnd; rec.games.miniatures.misc; rec.games.trading_cards.marketplace.misc; rec.games.pinball.visualpinball; rec.games.computer.quake.misc; rec.games.frp.misc; rec.games.online.mmorpg.world-of-warcraft; rec.games.hack; rec.games.trading-cards.misc; rec.games.video; rec.games.rpg.dnd; rec.games.computer.quake.servers
Downloads: 286
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